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Member payments

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our krewe goals and hold our annual Mardi Gras ball .  

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New Members

              Krewe  Fleur de Lis shall be an all ladies Krewe desired but not limited to  sixty-five(65) female members. To qualify for membership, you must be an  adult female at least twenty-one (21) years of age, have good moral  character and willing to support the Krewe's purpose.

Membership  is granted by a majority vote of krewe members. If any member chooses to  object to a prospective member the President and/or Board reserves the  right to inquire the reasoning. Membership will be denied if President  and/or  Board find the objection to conflict or obstruct the interest or  harmony of the krewe.

Once prospective member has received  votes, she will be formally asked to join krewe. Prospective member will  receive an invitation and membership form(s). Membership is based on a  first-come, first-serve basis. Each year prospective member's names must  be re-submitted along with application.

Daughters and  granddaughters of members who have reached twenty-one (21) years of age  prior to the date of the fleur fling may be given preference in joining  krewe. If a krewe member wishes for her daughter or granddaughter to be  considered for membership, said member must announce their wishes to the  President and/or Board.